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Is it something you really need? Is it something that has never existed before?

For the answers to these questions, all Mijello products can say, “YES.” Mijello possesses many products which were developed for the first time in both Korea and the world. We also hold the most patents in the industry and have become a global brand that currently exports its products to 30 countries.

  • item 01

    Gold Class

    Mijello, a brand that cares about environment and health, has created MISSION, sophisticated, high functioning watercolors, using premium pigments and innovative technology.
    Mission with its unique formula will make your artwork more vibrant and shining, presenting viewers with an impression that the piece of art is alive

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  • item 02

    White Class

    Our Mission White class line has been specially developed for the field of technical art and design.
    We focused on expressive colors and creating various color combinations so that your art will be vivid and clear.

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  • item 03

    Pan Watercolor

    Contrary to outdated belief that our Mission Gold Pan watercolors were not pigmented,
    we have completely changed our formula so that it is extremely saturated and expresses colors found in nature effortlessly.

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  • item 04

    Angle Double
    Decker Palette

    The bottom tray which can be taken out and placed back has a double structure so that colors won’t leak once the palette is closed in motion.
    When the removable tray is stacked into the palette and closed, the silicone lining around the edge of the palette seals it shut, making the palette airtight and ready to be travelled with.

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