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IDHU (Image Data Handling Unit)

(1) Overview

IDHU (Image Data Handling Unit) is the core unit of a payload system which compresses and stores massive amounts of data sent by the observation sensors (EO: Electro Optic, IR: Infra Red, SAR: Synthetic Aperture Radar) of satellites in real time and transmits it to the ground station after going through an encryption and encoding process.

IDHU Concept Processing Flow

Next-generation IDHU (SDR-10)

(2) Specifications

At AP Satellite Inc., we have localized the development of the IDHU which is the core component of the payload while undertaking the KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-3A projects. We are also working on the development of DSHA (Data Storage Handling Assembly) for the multipurpose satellite KOMPSAT-6. As part of the government project, we have developed SDR-10 which is the next-generation IDHU for the upcoming satellite development project.

The SDR-10 (Space Data Recorder - 10G) we have developed for the next-generation satellites has the following specifications

Item Specification
Input data interface Wizard link (MGT I/F) (2Gbps per channel) x 5
(Applicable sensor: Electronic Optical)
Output data interface Serial LVDS (640Mbps per channel) x 2
Compression standard CCSDS 122-B-1 (DWT / BPE)
Memory capacity 256Gbits per memory module x 5: 1Tb (EoL)
128Gbit per memory module x 10: 1Tb (EoL)
Encryption T-DES
Data output format CCSDS Transfer frame
TC/TM interface MIL-STD-1553B, Hard-wired
Power consumption ≤ 300.0 Watt (peak)
Weight ≤ 35.0Kg
Size 652mm x 344mm x 201mm
-BPE: Bit Plane Encoder
-DWT: Discrete Wavelet Transform
-SDR-10: Space Data Recorder – 10 Giga